Global Recipe: Auntie Mel's Chicken Curry

Auntie Mel’s Chicken Curry



Chicken curry is an Indian delicacy. It surprised me that this recipe has ketchup in it because it is my favorite curry. I had eaten it many times before I finally asked for the recipe.  It is truly a wonderful curry.




1kg or 2.2lbs of chicken

2 large onions

3T your choice of oil

2 inch piece of fresh ginger (from the produce section)

2 t. Kashmiri chili powder (from an Indian grocery store or can be ordered on amazon.)

1 t. vinegar

1 large tomato diced

dash of salt

diced potato’s (optional*)


dried cilantro (coriander)




Slice chicken in small cubes and lay to the side.  Place 2 large onions sliced and browned in 3Tablespoons of oil. Cut the Two-inch piece of fresh ginger (slice off the hard exterior –with a pairing knife or vegetable peeler and then finely dice) add ginger to onions while they sauté. Add 2t. of the Kashmiri chili powder to the onions and ginger. Stir well and then add the cut chicken pieces to the pan along with 1 t. of vinegar (I like rice vinegar).  Stir well and then add the diced tomato and a dash of salt.  Add the diced potato (if using) and let all of it cook.  When the chicken is cooked through and the potatoes are soft add ketchup (about ¼ cup) and stir.  Add coriander leaves.  Feel free to add water if you want a more liquid curry.


Eat with naan (Indian bread you can find at most grocery stores or Costco) or over steamed rice.


*A tip, when you add tomatoes, it takes potatoes longer to cook.