Hunger Profile: Asia

Hunger in Asia



Asia is the largest continent with the biggest population. It takes up roughly 30% of the Earth’s land mass and is home to over 4.4 billion people. Two of its nations: India and China alternate being the largest economies in the world. It has huge desserts, the world’s tallest mountains and some of the prettiest sights in the world. Most of Asia also has what’s known as “monsoon season” which are seasonal rains. Here in the States we get rain all through the year. We have to check the weather to know if it's going to rain or not. In many parts of South Asia people only get rain 3-4 months out of the year, but they get so much rain that there is lots of flooding and it rains for days on end.  Outside of monsoon season it is very rare for these nations to get even a day of rain throughout the rest of the year.


According to the UN, Asia is home to more than 60% of the world’s hungry.  Everyday 525.6 million people in Asia go hungry. In fact, 3 Asian nations –India, Bangladesh & East Timor are home to 40% of underweight children under the age of 5.  In India alone there are 57 million hungry children.  


Hunger in Asia looks different than hunger in Africa. In Africa full scale starvation is the common story. In Asia malnutrition (they have enough calories but not enough nutrients) kills millions every year.  Malnourishment leaves people susceptible to common illnesses it also causes people to not grow properly or be able to learn.  


Hunger in Asia is a complex problem. When monsoon doesn’t provide enough rain it leads to famine and crops that don’t provide enough food.  Additionally, with the huge advances to technology and farming, many of the indigenous farmers don’t have modern techniques like drip irrigation and pesticides to protect their produce.  Refrigeration and canning aren’t as widespread,  leading to food being difficult to transport and sell. With such huge populations, access to good jobs and education is in high demand and the poor are the ones who miss out.  


Parents: One trend that we see a lot in our efforts to help at-risk kids in Asia is that if you can give them food and water than they are a lot safer.  Traffickers prey on them because they don’t have the basic necessities of food and water they are put at great risk of being enslaved. We have seen first hand that an active and effective feeding program equals fewer girls trafficked.


How to Pray?

 Ask God to provide food for hungry children.  Ask God to give Churches across Asia a heart to feed the kids in their community and a unique strategy for how to provide for so many hungry children.