Hunger Profile: Europe

Hunger in Europe

At the time of this writing, Europe is home to 50 sovereign states and has 4 dependencies. The people of Europe speak over 225 different languages with the most popular being English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Its richest nation is Monaco (average income of $172,676) and its poorest is Moldova (average income $1,631). Globally, Europe is home to the world largest number of immigrants with almost 85% of its population growth coming from people moving from other nations into Europe.



Hunger in Europe tends to be similar to the U.S. Costs of living (rent, transportation, clothing, food) is going up, but salaries aren’t being adjusted to accommodate.  (Britain had a 20% cost of living increase, but only a 7% increase to hourly earnings.) This leads to widespread food insecurity and malnutrition because people can’t afford good food. Spain has a huge unemployment rate and recently raised taxes on food, leaving people without access to food. It is estimated that 22% of Spain’s population lives in poverty and approximately 600,000 are unemployed. In Eastern Europe (Soviet Nations) it is estimated that 51 million children are living in poverty without access to good food.


The problems facing Europe’s hungry include: A lack of basic necessitates, isolation, the Government systems are so complicated that people don’t know where to go to get resources, they don’t have enough jobs and many jobs don’t pay enough for people to live on. Many worry for their children.


How to Pray for Europe?

  Ask God to move in Europe. Ask Him to provide resources for the Churches there to help the hungry, the poor and the immigrants in Europe.