Hunger Profile: The US

Hunger in the US




Hunger in the US affects millions of people, but hunger in the US looks very different than Africa or Asia.  Most people in the US won’t die from starvation or malnutrition, but almost 15% of the US population is “food insecure” meaning they don’t know where their next meal will come from. Living in the US is expensive and many families struggle to afford a home, car, clothes and food.  Our Government helps provide food for people using programs like the Free and Reduced Lunches Program, making sure kids at school have food to eat.  There are still lots of  needs. Food pantries and food assistance programs are trying to help meet these needs.


It is estimated right now that around 16 million children in the US live in food insecure households.  Another group that is greatly affected by food insecurity is the elderly, right now there are about 2 million food insecure elderly.


Using the US standards for the minimum amount of money needed to live, they estimate that a person needs at least $36.50 a week for food, for 1 weeks worth of meals (21) that averages out to less than $1.75 a meal.  (Here is an interesting video that shows kids taking the challenge to shop for a week's worth of groceries and only spend $36.50)


This month, take some time to observe opportunities around you to help combat food insecurity. Could you take a meal to an elderly couple? Is there a food drive you could help with?  Could your family go serve at a food pantry or soup kitchen?  SOS Local has lots of opportunities for you and your family to get involved in helping hungry people right around us. Find a creative way to do something together to help your community.


How to pray?

 Ask the Lord to give you eyes to see the hungry around you and to provide you with opportunities to meet people’s need for food.  Then be prepared to act on the opportunities as He presents them!