Talking Points: War




What Is it?


 Ok, we all know what war is.  It’s a battle with nerf guns, its army men, it’s a game on the iphone, but it's also something that is very real.  War happens when groups of people don’t agree and can’t get along.  Some wars happen over land, some happen over religion, some happen over not having enough food/water/land for people. War also happens because there are bad people that want to be in control of places.  


What does that mean?


World War II is probably the war that we are all the most familiar with.  It is considered the bloodiest war in history with somewhere between 60-85 million deaths. World War II was Hitler’s attempt to fill his nation with people that looked like him, and to get rid of the Jews.  


Today, wars are being fought but they look a bit different.  Cyber attacks, threats, terrorism, testing missiles, these are all forms of war that we hear more about today.  Wars make people food insecure (not have enough food) because depriving people of food can be used as a weapon.  Armies can cut off food routes and stop shipments of food.  Different AID organizations will try and bring food into war torn areas as a way of helping people who are in dangerous areas.



In many of the communities where we work we hear of feuds (small battles) that happen between groups of people because there isn’t enough food or water for everyone in that community.  Through giving the gift of food and water we are able to be peacemakers.  Over and over we hear how fighting stops and good things happen for that community when there is enough food and water for people to live.



What does the Bible say about it?


When it comes to war, there is a difference between nations and individuals.  As Nations, sometimes there are reasons why we must go to war, but as individuals, our actions should pursue peace.  The Bible has a lot of great stories around war and warriors. One of my favorites is found in 1 Samuel where we are introduced to David and we get to read about the battle between David and Goliath.  David bravely went to war to defend God’s people and God used Him to lead the entire nation of Israel.


When we read the New Testament, the Bible spends a lot of time encouraging us as people who follow Jesus, to love and serve people and to pursue peace.  The Bible also reminds us that there is a spiritual battle going on and that we are to fight battles we face through prayer.



“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world and against the evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12




“God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9





How to Pray?



 Pray and ask the Lord to show you how to be a peacemaker.  Pray for the men and women who protect our country and fight wars for our nation. Thank God for the brave men and women who fight to protect us. Ask God to give them wisdom and to protect them.